Tendinte bijuterii toamna iarna 2022 2023

5 trends for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023

The subject of trends, trends is one that comes up with every change of season. Regardless of what trends appear in fashion, it is important to take them "with a grain of salt", i.e. to see how much they suit you in terms of conformation, how well they go with your lifestyle and clothing style, with what you already have in your wardrobe, etc.

jewelry trends fall winter 2022 2023

For today's article, we have extracted 5 important trends in jewelry for the cold autumn-winter 2022-2023 season.

If you prefer to see the 5 jewelry trends for autumn-winter 22/23 in video format, click here .

1. Pearls
I don't think this trend is a surprise anymore. The pearls of this season are especially the large ones, they are more suitable for wearing with knitwear. Favorite models are with modern accents, in combinations with other natural stones or metal elements. You'll also find pearls and linen hair accessories, as we saw in Dior tiaras.

jewelry with natural pearls trends autumn winter 22/23

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2. Choker
For lack of a more appropriate word, I used the English choker. In fact, it is about the necklaces located on the neck and at the base of the neck, made of natural stones, chains or textile materials. The styling option I noticed is layering multiple necklaces of similar lengths, for a strong visual effect.

choker necklaces love and stars jewels

Pictured are the BLISS chain , the ELISE necklace and the CHARLOTTE necklace .

3. Jewelry with hearts
It's a detail of romantic inspiration, but which has acquired various declinations - from small heart-shaped details to special, bolder patterns. The hearts made their appearance on multiple catwalks, including at Chanel.

Pictured is the AMOUR Carnelian Heart Necklace .

4. Brooches
They are a favorite accessory, especially when the temperatures drop, especially as they find their place on a jacket, coat, fur coat, scarf, scarf or sweater. The sizes are varied and you can wear them alone or in various creative combinations.

Beautiful gift brooches for mom Love and Stars Jewels

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5. Tropical
Designers also want to extend the summer mood. Tropical elements such as seashells, palm trees, pineapples or thematic flowers we found in the Miu Miu or Altuzarra presentations. As this fall is proving to be temperature friendly, I'm still wearing them lightly and we'll reassess when the frost hits.

tropical jewelry trends fall winter 2022 2023 love and stars jewels
Pictured HEBE necklace and HEBE earrings

Other trends present on the catwalks are the following: long necklaces, natural stones, massive bracelets, massive earrings, 1 single earring worn, fringed earrings, creoles or jewelry made from recycled materials.

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