Aparitie tv bijuterii Teodora Petrescu Love and Stars Jewels

Appearance on the Fresh Access TV Show from A7

We are excited to share some great news! The creator of our jewelry, Teodora Petrescu , was invited on the Fresh Access TV show from A7 to talk about Love and Stars Jewels. This exceptional appearance provided a unique opportunity to learn more about the passion, inspiration and story behind the jewelery they create. The appearance is part of the Designer in the Showcase project, a project whose main goal is to promote Romanian designers.

Teodora discussed her distinctive style and how she draws inspiration from the nature, art and culture around her. He talked about the techniques and materials used in creating his jewelry, bringing to life unique and unmistakable pieces. The jewelry maker also revealed the meticulous process by which she chooses each gemstone and each element to create high-quality, timeless jewelry full of personality.

Teodora emphasized the importance of values ​​and the responsible choice of materials, thus contributing to a better future for the jewelry industry. She also highlighted the importance of the emotional connection that jewelry has with those who wear it, thus becoming small treasures with deep meaning.

Jewelry TV appearance Teodora Olteanu Love and Stars Jewels

Teodora's interview on A7's Fresh Access show gave a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the jewelry world and shed light on her story and passion in this field. We hope it inspired you and showed you that jewelry is not only beautiful objects, but also expressions of personal style and inner feelings.

If you want to discover more about the jewelry created by Teodora Petrescu, we invite you to explore our website. Each piece is created with passion and attention to detail, representing a true symbol of beauty, femininity and elegance.

Thanks to the Designer in Vitrina project and A7 for the opportunity to share the story behind our jewelry!

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