Ce bijuterii ti se potrivesc Love and Stars Jewels

What jewelry suits you best

What type of jewelry suits you best: silver or gold?

If you prefer to find out the answer in video format, click on the picture below .

Which jewelry suits you best Love and Stars Jewels

To determine this, it is necessary to know what type of pigment you have - warm, cool or neutral.

The method by which you can determine the type of pigment is to look at the color of the blood vessels in the wrist area.

If the veins have the color:

  • green, then your pigment is a warm one and the right jewelry for you is gold;
  • blue, then your pigment is cool and silver jewelry suits you better.

If you notice the presence of both colors, it means that your pigment is neutral and you can safely wear both types of jewelry.

We recommend that you set the color in natural light, to avoid possible chromatic distortions caused by the color of artificial light.

Another way you can identify which pigment you have is to think about how you tan.

  • quickly and without burning, then the pigment is warm and the right jewelry is gold
  • hardly any and you burn, then the pigment is cool and the right jewelry is silver
  • in the middle area between the 2 typologies is the neutral pigmentation and therefore you can wear both gold and silver jewelry.

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