Teodora Olteanu (Petrescu) is the creator of Love and Stars jewelry, stylist and numerologist. She worked in the financial banking field, but in the meantime she followed her passion for creativity and beauty, through courses in styling, numerology, personal development and writing on her personal lifestyle blog.


Teodora Olteanu Love and Stars Jewels

Love and Stars Jewels emerged from love for style, femininity and the magical effect that accessories have . They are designed to be a compliment to the woman who wears them, to allow the inner feminine beauty to shine and highlight the outer beauty.

@loveandstarsjewels are fashion jewelry, handmade from semi-precious natural stones, unique or in limited series.

You can see more about Love and Stars Jewels in the present interview at the following link https://www.youtube.com/live/UzC1AjYPCnM?feature=share

Love and Stars Jewels

From Teodora's numerological knowledge, personalized jewelry according to the date of birth appeared, a unique service in Romania. Numerological jewels are "talismans" with beneficial properties for the one who wears them and which can be easily integrated into outfits, because the fashion component of the jewel is preserved.