Ce bijuterii se poartă în primăvara-vara 2021? 8 tendințe pentru sezonul cald

What jewelry is worn in spring-summer 2021? 8 trends for the warm season

We live in a time when most social interactions are online, zoom or social media. In this context, jewelry has an (even) greater importance, being the ones that highlight and compliment the facial features. Among the trends displayed on the catwalk, we have selected eight with which to accessorize your outfits offline and online.

9 spring summer 2021 jewelry trends

1. Colored jewelry

In the warm season, nature comes to life and delights us with bursts of vivacity and color. This is reflected in multicolored jewelry, like an infusion of optimism and cheerfulness.

Colorful jewelry trends spring summer 2021

Colorful jewelry trends 2021

SUNSHINE Necklace // BUTTERFLY Bracelet // BREEZE Necklace

2. Pearls

Timeless, versatile and always fresh are the wonderful pearls . This is not the classic string of pearls, but a modern approach that you have been seeing for the last few years. Pearls with irregular, organic shapes are preferred. They are joined either with other semi-precious stones or with metal elements, chains, etc. for a dose of freshness.

Pearls jewelry trends 2021

Pearls jewelry trends 2021

Bracelet LILY // Necklace 5 // Earrings SARDINIA

3. Summer forms

Clams , starfish, flowers, boats, anchors, palm trees are just some of the shapes you find in current jewelry. Obviously, they are inspired by the representative elements of the warm season and bring the spirit of summer in accessories.

shells jewelry trends spring summer 2021

shells jewelry trends 2021

OCEAN earrings // BEACH VIBE earrings // ALLEGRIA necklace

4. Massive chains

This is a trend that you have seen in recent years and it remains in the preferences. You will find it in all types of jewelry - not only in necklaces and bracelets, but also integrated into earrings or even rings.

Massive chains jewelry 2021

Amethyst chain jewelry 2021

VIOLET necklace

5. Long necklaces

The body area preferred by designers in the spring-summer 2021 season is that of the abdomen, which they highlighted with bustiers or cutouts in the waist area. Long necklaces are one way to accessorize this area beautifully, whether you choose to leave it uncovered or not.

Long necklaces spring summer 2021 trends

Long necklace summer 2021 trends

SIGHT necklace // SHINE necklace // NIGHT & DAY necklace

6. Layering

Probably from the pictures above, you already noticed the overlapping necklaces presented on the catwalk. An interesting aspect is the fact that overlapping necklaces of similar lengths are proposed, located at the base of the neck.

Layering necklace overlays trends 2021

Layering necklace overlays trends 2021

Necklace 5 & Necklace TRE // Necklace GLOWING & Necklace GIRO

7. Statement earrings

Long, voluminous earrings with various shapes are among the favorite accessories of the moment. The materials chosen for them are varied: natural or artificial pearls, various crystals, semi-precious stones or exclusively metal.

Statement earrings spring summer 2021 trends

jewelry statement earrings

7. Asymmetric earrings

The asymmetry of the earrings is declined in several variations: a single extravagant earring, asymmetric earrings that have common elements or completely different earrings.

spring summer 2021 trends

8. Textured metals

In the spring-summer 2021 season, metallic jewelry has an organic touch, with textures and imperfections.

spring summer 2021 trends

Photo source: Pinterest

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