Cum organizezi broșele

How do you organize brooches?

Today we present you a simple method to organize and store brooches.

To see the video, click on the picture below

How to organize Love and Stars Jewels brooches

  1. What you need is a jacket (or trench coat, coat, etc.) that you no longer use. It is important that you do not intend to use it again because it is very likely that traces of the brooch needles will remain.
  2. Place the brooches on it, one by one, with a little distance between them, so that you can see each one separately.
  3. Ready! That was all!

In just 2 simple steps:

  • You have achieved a result that is pleasing to the eye, which you can keep in view, like a decorative object.
  • You have them all in the same place, at your fingertips, so you are less likely to forget them, to misplace them. Plus, you feel like reaching out to use them more often.
  • You got rid of the complication of storage boxes that take up more space.
  • You gave a new use to a piece of clothing that you no longer used.
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