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How to care for your natural pearl jewelry

How to take care of your natural pearl jewelry so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible? What to do and what not to do with them, how do you clean them and how do you store them? All the answers to your questions are here!

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Maintenance of pearl jewelry

What we recommend you avoid :

  • Apply directly to jewelry or expose to cosmetic products such as makeup, perfume, body cream, hairspray, etc. To preserve the jewelry as well as possible, leave a time interval of at least a few minutes between the application of cosmetic products and the moment when you put on your jewelry.
  • Wear them to the beach, sauna, steam rooms, etc., as humidity increases the risk of damage to natural pearls.
  • Exposing them excessively to the sun and heat.
  • Keep them near a heat source.
  • Cleanse yourself by wearing natural pearl jewelry. There is always the possibility of splashes from the substances used for cleaning and these are harmful to the delicate pearls.
  • Store them in plastic bags, as the chemicals emitted by plastic damage natural pearls.
  • Keep jewelry stored for a long time without wearing it. If left unworn for a long time, natural pearls can turn yellow and lose their luster.
  • Clean them with water or various jewelry cleaning products. Water affects the other components included in the gem, while cleaning products damage the pearls themselves.

Love and Stars Jewels classic pearl earrings

Cleaning natural pearl jewelry

We recommend that you periodically clean your natural pearl jewelry to remove traces of sweat, cosmetics, etc. A dry microfiber cloth is ideal for gently wiping the pearls.

How to clean natural pearl jewelry Love and Stars Jewels

Storage of jewelry with natural pearls

You store the pearl jewelry in boxes, supports, bags specially intended for jewelry.

You can store the necklaces that have a metal chain base (such as the ONE LOVE necklace or the long HONEYMOON necklace ) on vertical supports like the ones in the picture below.

Natural pearl jewelry storage Love and Stars Jewels

You will store the other types of pearl jewelry - especially necklaces made of natural pearls and possibly other semi-precious stones - horizontally in jewelry boxes, such as the ones below.

How to store Love and Stars Jewels natural pearl jewelry

You can also quietly use the Love and Stars Jewels boxes for storage.

Love and Stars Jewels pearl jewelry storage box

As a final recommendation, we advise you to wear natural pearl jewelry frequently. Being organic in nature, pearls become more and more beautiful as they are worn, enhancing their luster.

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