Perle naturale versus Perle artificiale: Cum faci diferența?

Natural Pearls vs Artificial Pearls: How Do You Tell the Difference?

Pearls have throughout history been considered symbols of elegance and sophistication. They add a touch of splendor to any outfit and represent a valuable and special gift for loved ones. However, when choosing a pearl, it is important to know the differences between natural and artificial pearls. In this article, we explore together the distinctive characteristics of both types of pearls so that you can easily make an informed choice.

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1. The training process

Natural pearls are created in sea or freshwater clams and oysters. They form when a foreign body, such as a grain of sand or a piece of clam, penetrates the interior of the mollusc, and the mollusc begins to cover the foreign body with layers of a substance called nacre (also known as mother of pearl). It is the shell's mother-of-pearl that is deposited over time that gives the pearl that iridescent organic sheen. Through the progressive deposition of layers of mother-of-pearl, the pearl appears.

All the pearls in our earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are natural cultured pearls .

On the other hand, artificial pearls are produced in factories, laboratories, by dedicated equipment or by human hands. They are made of glass, plastic, alabaster, porcelain, pink coral and hematite. In some of them, the top layer can be a natural pearl powder mixed with a binder.

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The pearls in our brooches, such as the Pearls brooch , are artificial pearls.

2. Appearance and shape

Natural pearls have a distinct luster and a variety of natural colors that depend on the species of clam/oyster that formed them and the environment. This variety makes each natural pearl unique. In addition, the shapes of natural pearls can be irregular, they can have brighter areas and some more matte ones (the matte ones are located where the point of attachment of the pearl was on the shell), differences in color on the surface of the pearl. All this gives them an authentic natural charm.

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On the other hand, artificial pearls are perfectly round and uniform in size and appearance. Their glow is strong and even, without modulations or depths. This is due to the controlled production process in the laboratory, which allows to obtain a regular shape of the artificial pearls. On the plastic ones, you will notice small coating imperfections in the vicinity of the pearl hole.

3. Durability and value

Natural pearls are considered more durable and valuable than artificial ones. Due to their natural formation process, they are of superior quality and can last over time. The value of a natural pearl is influenced by several factors, such as size, color, luster and shape, but also by the rarity of the shell species from which it comes.

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On the other hand, artificial pearls have a more affordable cost and can provide a more convenient alternative for those who want to purchase jewelry with the appearance of pearls, but at a lower price.

Some of the commercial names under which you will find artificial pearls: Swarovski pearls, Majorica pearls (orchid pearls)/Mallorca, Preciosa pearls, mother-of-pearl pearls, shell pearls.

Thus, when choosing between natural and artificial pearls, it is important to consider personal preferences, available budget and the purpose for which you are purchasing the pearls. Natural pearls offer genuine charm and great value, while artificial pearls can be a more affordable option to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Whatever you choose, wear your jewelry with pleasure and joy.

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