Proprietăți hematite

Hematite properties

The journey through the properties of semi-precious stones continues with hematite, which is frequently found in Love and Stars Jewels . In its raw state, hematite has a brain-like appearance and its name comes from the Greek word "haima" meaning blood. Next you will see how beautifully these details connect with its properties.

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What are the properties of hematites?

  • Grounding - Hematite is the one that conveys the message "Anchor yourself to the energy of the Earth". If you know yourself to be more aerial, with your head in the clouds, with tendencies to overthink or spend a lot of time in your mind, you can use it to come back down to earth.
  • Mental clarity - Contributes to (re)acquiring mental peace. It removes stress, anxiety or worry, leaving room for clarity. Facilitates concentration.
  • Practicality - It supports you in bringing concretely what you have in the world of ideas, in a pragmatic, applied way. It also supports you in balancing the mental body with the spiritual and the physical.
  • Confidence - It is a stone that improves self-confidence and strength. It can be useful to you when times are cloudy or if you have feelings of instability. It can be by your side when you have to make decisions.

Hematite jewelry

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