Proprietăți lapis lazuli

Properties of lapis lazuli

The journey through the properties of semi-precious stones continues with a splendid stone, which is also one of your favorite stones: lapis lazuli.

The word "lapis" means stone in Latin and "lazuli" is the name for heaven (with the meaning of Paradise) in medieval Latin. It is distinguished from other natural blue stones by the golden iridescence of pyrite that can be observed in its composition.

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Some of its spiritual properties are:

  • Consciousness - is one of the stones associated with spirituality, wisdom, intuition. It is excellent for spiritual seekers, for those seeking deep knowledge and understanding. It helps you connect to your authentic Self, to your inner truth.

  • Protection - it is considered to be one of the stones that gives strong protection. I find it recommendable for those who work a lot with people, especially since it also supports communication.

  • Vitality - Brings you more energy, freshness at all levels of the body and contributes to their harmonization (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body).

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  • Communication - Lapis lazuli is considered the stone of those who communicate a lot (written or spoken). It supports you in assertive, honest and compassionate communication.

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