Proprietăți onix negru

Black onyx properties

You have asked us that the next stone to exhibit its spiritual properties is black onyx, one of your favorite stones.

Black Onyx Spiritual Properties Love and Stars Jewels

Protection – Onyx has a strong protective role, transforming hostile energies into beneficial ones for the one who wears it. Black stones are generally considered to be very effective in protections due to their color.

Power – Activates your power to fulfill your desires, dreams and move forward through life. It is a stone that you can use in more difficult periods, it absorbs pain, sadness.

Vitality – Provides increased energy, determination, perseverance and focus. With its help you can gather your strength, strengthen your self-confidence and gain clarity.

Determination – Stimulates motivation to pursue your goals. You can use it when you are in times of physical, mental and/or emotional stress to keep your focus on what you want.

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