Proprietăți opal

Opal properties

Opal is a fascinating crystal that contains both Yin and Yang polarity. We invite you to discover the properties of this superb crystal in what follows.

Properties opal semi-precious stones

Among the properties of opal are:

  • Fulfillment of wishes - Opal helps you fulfill your wishes, being believed to bring success, luck, happiness, money and protection.
  • Activating potential - Opal gives you extra energy in your personal development. It helps to strengthen the consciousness of one's worth and deep self-understanding
  • Love - It is one of the beneficial stones for love, passion and eroticism. It can support you in (re)igniting the spark as a couple, as well as emotional stability
  • Hope - Opal relieves states of exhaustion and strengthens the will to live. It brings you the energies necessary for change and progress.
  • Imagination - Fascinating opal enhances your creativity, originality. Including in everyday situations, it helps you see surprising solutions and opportunities.

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