Proprietăți spirituale ametist

Amethyst spiritual properties

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, distinguished by its purple color. Throughout the ages, amethyst has been used by royalty and church figures due to its color and properties. It is considered to be the stone of spirituality and business success.

Amethyst Spiritual Properties Love and Stars Jewels
Among the properties of amethyst are the following:

Wisdom - Stimulates intellectual and spiritual capacities, concentration, psychic abilities
Transformation - Amethyst supports its own transformation process, necessary for any form of soul evolution.
Intuition - Amplify intuition, clarifying your spiritual vision.
Protection - For the wearer it has a strong protective role against accidents and dangers. They are said to warn of danger by changing color.
Balance - Brings balance to you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It frees you from stress, anxiety, leaving room for peace of mind, healing, love.

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