Semnificații ale stelei în 6 colțuri

Meanings of the 6-pointed star

Symbols are all around us...including in Love and Stars Jewels. Being inspired by the year 2022 (being under the influence of the number 6 at the macro level), today I want to present you some information about the 6-pointed star.

Symbol Star of David Love and Stars Jewels

The 6-pointed star is known as the Star/Shield of David or the Jewish star. It is worth noting that it has been discovered in other cultures as well, even before the reign of King David in 1000 BC. For example, in the years 3000 BC it can be found in the symbol of the heart chakra (hexagram framed by 12 lotus petals), in Hindus.
It is the symbol of the number 6 in numerology . As we mentioned, it is the number 6 that in 2022 exerts its influence on a global level.

Star of David jewels symbol of Love and Stars Jewels The hexagram is formed by the union of 2 overlapping equal equilateral triangles. It can be perfectly inscribed in a circle. The radius of this circle is equal to the distance of each vertex from its neighbor.
The origins of the hexagram (according to the Jews) - 2 variants:
1. Used as a resistance structure to strengthen battle shields so that they are not deformed. That is why it is considered as a symbol that offers high protection.
2. King David's shield would have had 2 letters "D" printed on it - the first and last of his name. The letter D in the ancient Hebrew alphabet was represented by an equilateral triangle. Thus, the hexagram appeared from the overlap of the 2 letters.

Star of David Hexagram Love and Stars Jewels
Some of the interpretations of the hexagram:
- The upper triangle represents the aspiration to divinity, while the lower triangle symbolizes the integration of the divine into matter. When the 2 triangles meet, the harmony between the divine and the worldly is achieved.
- Associated with balance, peace, tranquility and fulfillment.
- Shows 2 diametrically opposed paths that man can choose - that of degradation (downward-pointing triangle) or evolution (upward-pointing triangle). Perfection lies in the middle.
- Symbol of divine protection.
Star of David hexagram Love and Stars Jewels

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